The HypnoBirthing® course with Jo made what was portrayed as a traumatic, very painful and stressful experience for both mother and baby something to look forward to and enjoy. We were expecting our first baby at the end of June and had spent time looking at diferent ways of managing labour and birth but with no experience were struggling to feel positive. After our first session with Jo, my husband and I both came away feeling relaxed and happy, we felt that a huge amount of stress and worry had been lifted from us and over the next few weeks  we learnt to look forward to the birthing experience. The knowledge that giving birth can be an enjoyable experience and totally something that the mother with the support of her partner can manage herself, working with her own body and controlling the pain was a huge relief!  HypnoBirthing® was not what we were expecting having only come across hypnosis on television, but working through the sessions we realised that you remain in complete control of your body and feelings throughout the whole experience and are totally aware of what was going on around you. The feeling was one of total and complete relaxation and control over your body.

Jo made us feel relaxed and at home so we were able to concentrate on the session and what we were learning. Talking us through the techniques and breathing she was calm and friendly and very supportive of both couples at the session and the different problems that had been faced to get to this point. We felt totally able to ask any questions that we had on a very personal level and Jo explained these to us.

We ideally wanted a calm, dignified, no fuss labour and birth for us and our baby and we feel we now have the knowledge and techniques to achieve this. Our baby is due in June and we feel relaxed, prepared and in control of what is going to happen,  we can't wait!! quote-bottom

Benn & Abigail Nicol

As Jo's a family friend I was very lucky to have her to call on for advice whenever i needed it, whether it be her professional opinion or her opinion as a mother of five.

Quite late on in my pregnancy I borrowed a yoga DVD from a friend, which was fantastic for practicing breathing techniques and visualizations, which I especially enjoyed. Although I didn't practice them very often at all as my idea of a relaxation was laying in front of the television with a cup of tea and a pack of biscuits!

I was nine days over my due date, and me and Jo were on the phone discussing how I was getting on and Jo offered to come over to practice some HypnoBirthing® visualizations with me. Even though it is advised to be practiced throughout pregnancy we decided it was definately worth a go. I was laying down when Jo began taking me through a visualization and i remember feeling so at ease and very relaxed by the sound of her voice. My mum practiced this with me and she felt the same, relaxed, at ease and very safe and assured by Jo's talking.

When the practice was finished i was left feeling very relaxed and peaceful for the rest of the day. Little did we know less than six hours later my contractions would begin, and with them, my journey birthing my beautiful baby.

I had a fantastic support system made up of my mum, who was my birth partner, Jo and my dad. They all took it in turns to help me visualize different things to help me through my contractions and i can not stress enough just how helpful, soothing and beneficial i found them. Along with the slow breathing it was a brilliant distraction, despite how funny some of my parents' adaptation of the visualizations were!

I was having strong contractions for twenty-seven hours. I had a homebirth with a birth pool in my front room and in the way of pain relief I got by with paracetamol alone. The whole experience was euphoric, and i have no doubt whatsoever that my wonderful twenty-seven hours would have been a completely different one without the HypnoBirthing®, and I can only imagine how fantastic it would have been if I had done more HypnoBirthing® throughout my whole pregnancy.

I would definitely recommend both HypnoBirthing® and Jo highly to anybody birthing a child, and i will, without a doubt use Jo's services HypnoBirthing® with children i hope to have in the future. quote-bottom


We cannot recommend HypnoBirthing®, the Marie Mongan method, highly enough, an amazing experience during the pregnancy, and changed our perception of, and indeed our experience of childbirth.

Jo creates a friendly, calm and relaxed atmosphere in a beautiful and informal setting for the sessions, really helping Sam, my partner, and I to relax during the excercises in class. Jo's experience as a midwife really shines through also, and she is able and willing to give in depth answers to even the silliest of questions, both relating to HypnoBirthing®, and pregnancy/childbirth as a whole, with a working knowledge of how the system operates in hospitals and the community.

The excercises in the sessions are simple, but enormously useful during the pregnancy too, and helped Sam to relax at will throughout some stressful times towards the end of the pregnancy, and this is worth the minimal effort required on it's own! There are skills taught we used before, during, and will continue to use afterwards, in other situations.

During the birthing of our beautiful baby, the relaxation tapes and breathing techniques enabled Sam to keep relaxed during all of her surges, and what is described as pain by other mothers was far from what Sam experienced. The techniques worked as they are meant to, and for a fair sized first baby, the birthing was shorter, easier and a much more enjoyable experience than we believed possible, with little intervention and no pain relief required - an incredible achievement we can only put down to what we learned in HypnoBirthing® classes, expertly explained and demonstrated by Jo.

Before our first class we were not quite sure of what to expect, even having read the first half of the book provided, but within minutes any concerns were allayed and we knew HypnoBirthing® was for us. Any fears about a hypnosis element are completely unfounded as Sam was aware of everything happening to and around her throughout the sessions and main event, but as deeply relaxed as possible. Also, we had concerns about what may happen at the hospital, with midwives trying to push the classical model of childbirth onto us, or being dismissive of the techniques, but contrary to our fears, our midwives had not only heard of HypnoBirthing®, but understood the basic principles, and had either seen, or heard of it's successes and were keen to go along with it and assist us as much as we needed, but not interfere if we didn't, even taking on the little bit of altered vocabulary used.

Overall we had a wonderful experience in the sessions and an unbelievable birthing experience too, and we can only put that down to our HypnoBirthing® classes. And the thing that makes it so unbelievable is how easy it is, a few basic principles, and a little practice both during sessions and at home and we arrived at hospital feeling prepared and in control, something every expectant couple should do. Thank you Marie, and thank you Jo! quote-bottom

Wil, Sam and beautiful baby Ophelia.