Jo Gould (RM, Dip HE, BA, MA)

I am an experienced practicing midwife, qualified for 20 years. I currently work as a Senior Lecturer in Midwifery at the University of Brighton. I am a member of the Royal College of Midwives and registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council.

I have worked as a clinical midwife in both hospital and community settings. I have held senior positions as a labour ward co-ordinator and practice development midwife. I have extensive experience of teaching midwives (including student midwives), medical students, junior doctors and leading parent education. I have also worked and taught in Hospitals throughout Sussex as well as at the University of Brighton. This depth of experience and commitment has enabled me to complete a Masters degree in Midwifery.

My passion is, and always has been normal birth, in particular homebirth and waterbirth. I am an advocate of techniques that enhance women’s innate ability to birth their babies safely and calmly. Having witnessed the effectiveness of HypnoBirthing® while working as a midwife, I decided to use it myself for the birth of my son, Noah, at home. It definitely worked...

As a result of this experience, I decided to undertake the training to become a Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioner in order to teach parents-to-be how to use the techniques for their own births. I believe that HypnoBirthing® is one of the most effective techniques available to parents wishing to enhance the quality of their birth experience.

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Jo's experience as a midwife really shines through also, and she is able and willing to give in depth answers to even the silliest of questions, both relating to HypnoBirthing®, and pregnancy/childbirth as a whole, with a working knowledge of how the system operates in hospitals and the community... quote-bottom

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